With a combined 25+ years of online marketing experience we are able to offer a unique perspective on SEO and traffic generation for your website. We know after spending years in the industry that focusing on a specific set of keywords will absolutely not cut it anymore.

That is why we take a holistic approach, focusing our efforts on performance indicators that mater such as campaign ROI and traffic generated.

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Meet some of our amazing staff and the skills set they bring to the table.

Roman Barnes

Chief Executive Officer

Suman Pushparajah

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Pearse

Chief Technology Officer

Tony Moustakas

Chief Administrative Officer

Brad Mabry

Chief Marketing Officer

Branislav Kollar

Lead Developer

Houston Sanders

Head of A.I. R&D

Jordan Kovacs

Project Manager

Michael David

Lead Front-End Developer

Nghia Nguyen

Lead Designer

Jason Mokle

Business Development Consultant

Theo Medina

SEO Technician

Justyne Ylee

Content Writer

Parth Vyas

Paid Advertising Technician

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